Massage Therapy Can Help Many Medical Conditions

The benefits of touch for healing have been known for thousands of years. Massage is known to increase physical function and reduce anxiety and depression. Massage therapy has increased in popularity because it be used as an adjunct to traditional medical treatments and can be used as a preventative for many health issues.

What Is Massage Therapy?
Massage is a term used to describe the pressing, rubbing and manipulation of the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons to increase circulation and improve function. The techniques can range from light stroking to deep pressure on an area. The type of technique used is generally determined by the type of injury or medical problem. Squeezing, rolling, tapping and kneading movements may be used. Massage has been used as an aid to human health since ancient times, and many ancient texts refer to its use. Today, massage therapy Oakville has become a common part of medical treatment and everyday management of daily stress.

Conditions Massage Therapy Can Help
Research has found that massage can improve a variety of health issues, from dealing with minor aches and pains to providing comfort in the treatment of major illnesses:

· Headache – Massage therapy can reduce the frequency and severity of headaches by relieving muscle tension and improving body chemistry. Regular massage therapy has been shown to reduce the frequency of migraines.

· Back pain – Chronic back pain can persist even when strong pain relievers are used. Massage has been found to provide relief from pain better than acupuncture or spinal manipulation.

· Arthritis – Studies indicate that a one-hour massage one to two times per week can help to reduce the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis, as well as to improve function of the knee joint.

· Anxiety – Over a dozen studies indicate that regular massage can help to improve the neurotransmitter brain chemistry that is a factor in both anxiety and depression.

· Cancer treatment – Used along with conventional Western medicine, massage can help patients with cancer deal with the nausea and depression that is common with this condition. It can also help to relieve tension, improve muscle function and reduce pain.

Types of Massage
A wide range of different massage techniques can be used to reduce discomfort and improve function. Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and other types can be used to relieve specific conditions. Not every type of massage should be used in every condition.

Regular massage sessions have been a help to millions of patients. If you have a medical condition that has not responded completely to medication or other treatment, talk to your doctor about the benefits of massage and whether it can help to relieve your symptoms.

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